21 Things Parents Swore They’d Never Do (And Totally Did Anyway)

We’ve all been there: you’re tired, overwhelmed, then one of your kids makes a move and it’s the final straw. Words you’d sworn you’d never use as a parent slip right out of your mouth.

Or maybe you’ve found yourself reevaluating your priorities. Restricting junk food or screen time might not be your number one goal every day.

It’s good to be thoughtful about your intentions as a parent, but you don’t want your expectations to be so rigid that they can’t bend to accommodate the moment you’re facing, or the child in front of you.

“Parenting is not static,” New York psychologist and parenting coach Sarah Bren told HuffPost.

“It requires a great deal of learning, adapting, iterating and tolerating messy growth (our kids’ and our own). It rarely looks in real life the way it all played out in our fantasy,” she explained.

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