Antifa doesn’t like America and they want to destroy it: Former Antifa member

CNN and other major media outlets are being criticized for making the Antifa attacks in Atlanta appear insignificant, which a former member explains is actually beneficial for Antifa.

Former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales  joined “Jesse Watters Primetime” to dig into the media’s downplayed response to the Antifa attack in Atlanta and share his insight on the overarching goal of the group.


“Of course it’s good for Antifa. You know, I can always count on CNN to act as a professional PR team to excuse Antifa violence, because time and time again they’ll say, oh, Antifa is just an idea. It’s just an ideology. It’s not real. And then when they get caught and you see Antifa on the street, it wasn’t that violent. Or sometimes they even say they’re the good guys,” he explained.

The mainstream media has been downplaying the anarchy and violence caused by Antifa for years because, according to Nadales, the media does not want to admit to this destruction because they “don’t want to fight Antifa.”

“They don’t want to say it because they really don’t want to fight Antifa. Because to fight Antifa would be to admit that they were lying for five, six years now. When they first praised Antifa back in 2015, when president, when candidate Trump first announced that office,” said Nadales.

Firestorm Books & Cafe in West Asheville, which has faced allegations of being a front for extremist Antifa activity.

Firestorm Books & Cafe in West Asheville, which has faced allegations of being a front for extremist Antifa activity.
(Fox News Digital)

Nadales goes on to explain how the primary goals vary from group to group, but the overriding ideology is a dramatic hatred for American and Western ideals. The group is against Democrats and Republicans equally, and promotes and backs an anti-American movement altogether.

“There is always this overarching like anti-fascism. But you have to ask yourself, what does anti-fascism mean? Well, when they define it, they don’t mean Nazis, they don’t mean KKK, they mean basically Western ideals as well as democracy itself. They don’t like the Democratic Party. They don’t like the Republican Party. They want to destroy America,” Nadales explained.

Nadales questions the media’s relaxed narrative onf the myriad of Antifa attacks, speculating that “you would think that CNN or other mainstream outlets would be united with all other Americans against Antifa because Antifa is an anti-American movement.”


“For some reason they just want to excuse it, pretend it doesn’t exist. But let me tell you, the longer we don’t acknowledge the threat of Antifa, the more they will grow and the harder it will be to fight them,” warns Nadales, who was ostracized by his group for having the “audacity” so go explore other ideas.

“They just called me a capitalist pig, and it was a repeated cycle of any time I tried to venture out of like of this sticker type ideology,” he said. After being routinely pushed out for expressing other ideas, Nadales elected to leave the group, having “had enough.”

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