Australia Day protest Adelaide: Survival Day protesters to march down King William St

The Survival Day march in Adelaide on Thursday will hear from grassroots Indigenous community members who are both for and against the Voice to parliament proposals at both state and national levels.

More than 1000 people are expected to turn out for the march along King William St on Australia Day, which many First Nations people consider a day of mourning.

The event will start in Victoria Square at noon.

Activist, actress and march organiser Natasha Wanganeen said there would likely be a panel discussion in the square, including about whether a Treaty was needed before a Voice.

She said in her view, there was “no point in having a Voice in a country that doesn’t have a Treaty for indigenous people”.

“If you’re gonna do it (a Voice), then you have to do it right,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to seeing everyone coming together to hear the truth we all need to hear.”

On a national Voice, Ms Wanganeen said there needed to be more “clarity, transparency and passion” to allow people to make a more informed decision when it comes to a referendum.

“I would like to see more transparency from the government to make solid choices that are going to benefit our cultural sites, languages, people and everything that we are,” she said.

Ms Wanganeen also said that local activists and movements felt they weren’t included in Voice consultations and that it was “dangerous” to go forward with it without speaking to grassroots movements.

State Attorney-General and Aboriginal Affairs Minister Kyam Maher said there had been “two extensive rounds’’ of consultation with local Aboriginal people across the state by First Nations Commissioner Dale Agius.

“South Australian Labor had a very clear policy to implement in full at a state level the Uluru Statement from the Heart if it formed government,” he said.

“Like the federal government, we agree with many of those who were involved in the Uluru process that the most logical sequence of Voice, Treaty and Truth-telling is to start with the Voice component.”

Mr Maher said based on the feedback from both consultations, there was “overwhelming” support for a Voice to state parliament.

Originally published as Survival Day protesters in Adelaide to debate indigenous Voice to parliament

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