Blizzard announces Dragonflight trial for World of Warcraft subscribers

World of Warcraft’s (opens in new tab) new Dragonflight expansion launched at the end of November, introducing a new race, a new class, a new continent, and the ability to own customisable Drakes and master the art of Dragonriding. Now Blizzard is giving existing players who haven’t made the leap into Dragonflight the chance to try out the expansion, through a new limited-time trial.

In a Blizzard “blue post” (opens in new tab) the WoW developer stated that “For a limited time, players who do not own Dragonflight but have a subscription or active Game Time can play the new expansion as the dracythr Evoker beginning today”. The dracthyr are WoW’s new playable race of humanoid dragons, and the Evoker is a ranged caster that can specialise either in dealing damage or healing allies.

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