Cute cops on Kawasakis drive this deceptively deep PC-98 strategy game

Pasokon Retro is our regular look back at the early years of Japanese PC gaming, encompassing everything from specialist 80’s computers to the happy days of Windows XP.

Developer: SystemSoft Released: 1996 Japanese PCs: PC-98 (Image credit: SystemSoft / Mobygames)

SystemSoft’s long history is littered with strategy games. From Imperial Forces’ sci-fi setting to Master of Monsters’ all-out fantasy, if SystemSoft’s developers could find a way to slap a grid on top of a map and then bestow themed units with a list of stats, they did it. And they often did it well. Decades later the SystemSoft Beta label is still busy creating modern entries of some of its more popular series, including the magical Tir Na Nog and war themed Daisenryaku (the latter’s even on Steam).

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