elden ring: How to locate Elden Ring saved file on your PC? Find out here

Elden Ring is considered one of the most difficult and top-ranking games of 2022. The game offers detailed character models, gorgeous scenery, complex in-game mechanics, and dynamics bosses. But players die a lot in this game, over and over again.

Therefore, it is highly advised to back up and save the in-game progress on an external hard drive because there is a risk of losing the progress on the PC version. Here is a guide to help you create a backup of those precious files and track your Elden Ring saves.

You can get your Elden Ring saves in your user directory. You must first right-click the folder icon on your quick bar and then click the “File Explorer” option. After that, you need to select “This PC” from the menu and click through the directory to reach the specific location –

C:Users[username]AppDataRoamingEldenRing. Click this folder, and you will see a file or several files ending with .sl2. These will be your save file. If you cannot locate the file, try revealing hidden folders.

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Once you locate the file, copy it and paste it somewhere else. This way, you can have a clean save on hand. You also need to get familiar with the process because losing in-game progress can be frustrating as it can kill your momentum. Hence, always take precautionary measures to avoid such frustration.


1). Why is it necessary to have a backup of in-game progress?

Backing up in-game progress protects you from losing your momentum.

2). When was Elden Ring released?

The game, Elden Ring, was released on February 25, 2022.

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