FOREO Device Review: LUNA 4, LUNA 3, LUNA Mini, FOREO UFO

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used a loofah in the shower?

Keep you hand up if you’ve ever used a loofah for way, way longer than you should have, and only thrown it out when the synthetic material started to unravel? Bonus points if you never gave it a run through the washing machine.

If you’re feeling rather sheepish right now, you’re not alone. Synthetic loofahs are probably one of the most common items you can find in someone’s shower, despite the fact that long-term use can do your skin more harm than good.

“They are disgusting, no one ever washes them and they probably, definitely have mould in them,” revealed pharmaceutical scientist and beauty expert Hannah English in a now viral TikTok that racked up 438,000 horrified views.

“If you’re getting rashes on your body it’s probably your loofah, get rid of it, use your hands.”

Besides your hands, the next best thing to use in the shower (especially if you’re after a deeper exfoliation) is a silicone device like the FOREO LUNA 4 Body.

It’s the Swedish beauty tech company’s first ever body device that launched in October last year.

Not only is it more hygienic than your loofah (which should definitely be in your nearest bin by now), but it also beats out other shower exfoliation alternatives.

“The LUNA 4 Body is 35 times more hygienic than a nylon bristle brush device,” FOREO’s education and communications specialist Adelle Petropoulos told

“The ultra-hygienic silicone on all our devices makes them completely bacteria resistant and 100 per cent waterproof.

“Being waterproof you can also clean your devices with soap and water or use a silicone cleansing spray.”

Intrigued (and after discreetly disposing of my loofah) I decided to put the LUNA 4 Body to the test – read on for my review, plus the low-down on FOREO’s other best-selling devices.

FOREO Luna 4 Body in Evergreen, Myer, $229

At first glance the FOREO Luna 4 Body seemed like a product that was too good to be true. The circular device, which fits easily in your hand, has eight different settings that you manually adjust while you wash yourself. The first time I used the Luna 4 Body I was sceptical that the gently humming pulsations would be enough to really exfoliate and clean my skin. While they gave a pleasant massage, they didn’t feel strong enough to really get in there.

But after I stepped out of the shower and dried myself, I was shocked — my skin was silky smooth, like I’d just used a coffee scrub or bristle brush, but without any of the hard scrubbing or skin irritation.

Even on the heels of my feet (where I’d used the highest setting, which still felt incredibly gentle) I’d managed to slough away dry skin.

Over time, I’ve noticed a really difference using this on the daily. My skin feels more soft and less irritated, plus my overall skin colour tone has become more even and less blotchy.

The best bit is how nice it is to use — the pulsations give a gentle lymphatic massage, which not only has incredible benefits for the body, but also feels extra relaxing if you’ve just jumped in the shower after a workout.

It’s even easy to store in the shower thanks to its leather strap.

The only downside is you need to be using a body wash or soap that will really lather and you need to use quite a bit more product than you usually would to allow the Luna 4 Body to really glide over the skin.

But honestly, it’s a small price to pay for the result, plus it isn’t rubbing bacteria all over your body — what a win!

FOREO LUNA 3 Facial Cleansing Massager, Myer, $329

With 16 different power levels this is one effective tool. The LUNA 3 has 8,000 TSonic pulsations per minute that will clean away dirt, makeup and oil while not being harsh on skin. The LUNA 3’s brush head is 30 per cent larger than the LUNA 2, while its silicone touchpoints are 30 per cent longer and 25 per cent softer.

“It’s not hard to love this device. I know some people will swear by a facial cloth, but I’ve been wary of the hidden bacteria that can live in damp fabrics,” says writer Mariela Summerhays.

“The silicone construction of the LUNA 3 gives me peace of mind that only my cleanser, and nothing else will be coming into contact with my pores.

“A mother-of-three, my skincare routine has to be short and sharp, so I love knowing that I need only a minute after my morning regimen to get my skin clean and glowing again.

“Truly, at its price point, I would say this device is worth it for its cleansing and exfoliating properties alone.

“But it also acts as a firming massager. After seeing me use this function only once, my skincare-apathetic husband has now hooked his phone up, and uses it at least once a week. If that isn’t a glowing testament, I’m not sure what is.”


FOREO LUNA Mini 3 Facial Cleansing Massager, THE ICONIC, $249

A smaller and more portable version of the LUNA 3, the LUNA Mini 3 is still plenty powerful. It has 12 adjustable massage intensity levels as well as a 30 second “Glow Boost mode” to leave skin smooth and glowing afterwards.

“Unlike traditional flannels, the fine and super soft silicone bristles don’t irritate the skin or cause redness while working hard to remove grime, oil and makeup,” writer Jessica Wang says.

“It also feels really, really nice to use on the face. If you like the idea of being someone who does a soothing facial massage every night but lack the patience and time to do so, the FOREO has you covered. No gua shas or strategic pinching and kneading required.”

FOREO UFO 2, Adore Beauty, $429

This isn’t a face cleanser, but think of it as like having a beauty spa at your fingertips. The UFO 2 is a mask, LED light, massage, heating and cooling device all in one.

It really is a unique product that combines sheet masking with LED light, plus cold and hot sonic wave technology to transform skin.

Regular use will see visible benefits to ageing skin, as well as an improvement in skin texture and tone.

“Before having kids, I was a regular Omnilux (Light Therapy) user, I’d do monthly sessions at a salon and would shout the benefits to anyone who seemed remotely interested,” says writer Eliza Cracknell.

“For me, light therapy helped reduce redness, keep breakouts at bay and left my skin tone even and glowy. So I was excited to get my hands on the FOREO UFO.

It’s been over a month now and I really loved it.

“It’s not going to make wrinkles disappear overnight but my skin feels great and I’m more confident to go out of the house without make-up. I haven’t had a breakout since using it – which is incredible!

“I’m also noticing my pigmentation is getting a little lighter on my cheeks. Looking forward to seeing the long term results.”



Still haven’t found the facial cleansing brush for you? We’ve gathered the best alternatives on the market worth considering.

PMD Beauty Clean Pro Cleansing Device, Adore Beauty, $225

The PMD Beauty Clean Pro Cleansing Device uses 7,000 vibrations per minute to gently break down dirt and oil. It also acts as a facial massager and its ActiveWarmth technology helps your skin to better absorb serum and moisturiser. It’s made from hygienic silicone, meaning you don’t have to worry about any nasty bacteria getting on the device.

“Obsessed. I noticed a difference right away, my pores were cleaner and smaller. I love the massaging side, it’s so relaxing and I think my products are working better already,” reads one five star review on PMD Beauty’s website.


Fancii Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, Amazon Australia, $69.99

While you can’t expect the same groundbreaking technology or quality as FOREO for this price, the Fancii Sonic Facial Cleansing is a great option if you’re on a budget.

This face cleansing brush has five different vibrating speed and is made from hypo-allergenic silicone.

It has a 4.2 star rating from over 280 reviews, with most shoppers saying it works well and doesn’t need to be charged often.


Kahlia Skin LED Facial Cleansing Brush, Myer, $89

Another more affordable option this device from Aussie brand Kahlia skin is a silicone cleansing brush with three speed functions as well as LED light therapy for glowing skin.

It also has a heated gold plate to gently massage skin and open pores, allowing for better product absorption. Chose from red, blue or purple LED light to treat a variety of different skin concerns.



FOREO stands for “for everyone” and is a Swedish brand founded by Filip Sedić in 2013. An engineer, Mr Sedić wanted to create a beauty device that could be used by anyone that combined cutting-edge technology with sleek Scandanian design.

FOREO’s first product, the LUNA, was also the world’s first ever soft silicone facial cleansing brush and quickly became a sellout sensation.

Today FOREO puts its expertise to work making microcurrent devices, a LED light acne treatment, toothbrushes and a facial device.

By 2021 it had sold more than 36 million products in over 75 countries, making it the third most popular skincare brand in the world, Forbes previously reported.


Today there are plenty of silicone cleansing devices to choose from, however, FOREO’s LUNA series is still considered top of the range and well worth the investment.

The brand uses patented TSonic technology to cleanse skin and exfoliate, plus it is made from medical grade silicone that is non-porous and won’t harbour bacteria.

With cleaning heads that don’t need changing it’s built to last, however, FOREO also offers a two year worldwide warranty on all its products.

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