Lap it up: Henry Cavill’s dog is in The Witcher 3 now

Henry Cavill just can’t help himself at the moment: the man is a nexus of news. That is largely, to be fair, because it looks like DC couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery: the actor announced in October he’d be leaving the Witcher show (opens in new tab) after season three, and be back in the role of Superman. Then this week it was announced Cavill’s Superman would not, in fact, return (opens in new tab).

Luckily, being the most handsome and famous nerd in the world has certain compensations. Cavill has been praised in the past by those who’ve worked on the Witcher series, whether games or show, for how seriously he took the world and character. CDPR took the opportunity with the recent major update to the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to add various nods to the show, including the Cavill-Geralt armour (opens in new tab), and has also added quite a sweet personal touch for the actor.

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