New Fire Emblem Engage Reward Coming Soon To My Nintendo Store

Fire Emblem Engage
Image: Nintendo

As part of the launch of Fire Emblem Engage last week on the Switch, My Nintendo is offering a new reward in certain parts of the world. This latest one is a pin set featuring many heroes from the past Fire Emblem series.

The same heroes return in Fire Emblem Engage to assist the new the cast of characters. Here’s the official description of this pin set. You’ll want to set around 1,000 Platinum Points, and delivery is 1-2 weeks.

“This reward contains 16 button pins with these iconic heroes from past Fire Emblem series: Emblem Marth, Emblem Celica, Emblem Sigurd, Emblem Leif, Emblem Roy, Emblem Lyn, Emblem Eirika, Emblem Ike, Emblem Micaiah, Emblem Lucina, Emblem Corrin, and Emblem Byleth. The pin set also includes new characters from Fire Emblem Engage: Veyle, Alear, and the adorable Sommie! The reward size: 8″x 8″ and each pin size is 1.5 inches.”

In other parts of the world, Fire Emblem amiibo have also been restocked on the My Nintendo Store. You can learn more about this in our previous post:

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