PS5 Pro Likeliness Questioned, Insider Has Heard More about PS6 Than a Mid-Gen Update

While the PlayStation 5 really feels like it’s just starting to get up to speed in the wake of lingering supply issues and crossgen development, the console is already over two years old. So, is it time to start thinking about a PS5 Pro? After all, the PS4 Pro launched only three years after the base system.

Well, according to tweet thread from insider Tom Henderson, who has had the goods when it comes to Sony hardware multiple times in the past, a PS5 Pro seems like an unlikely prospect. While Henderson doesn’t come right out and say a mid-gen PS5 update isn’t going to happen, he claims he’s actually heard more about the PlayStation 6 than any sort of PS5 Pro. Henderson further explains that he believes Sony is aiming to reduce the number of PS5 models in order to ease production costs and complications. Releasing a “Pro” console may have been a good business move in the past, but in this era of silicon and component shortages, it no longer makes a lot of sense.

Now, Henderson has been on record as saying Sony will release a new model of the PS5 this year. This model will feature a detachable disc drive, which will allow Sony to focus on a single SKU rather than their current two models with and without drives. According to Henderson’s tread, this new PS5 shouldn’t be thought of in terms of a PS5 Pro or even a PS5 slim. While it may be lighter and will feature a detachable disc drive, the overall aesthetics and size of the machine probably won’t change much. For better or worse, it seems the seems the PS5 is remaining its… unique-looking self.

Of course, take all this with a grain of salt for now, but Henderson has had the goods on Sony before, and a lot of what he’s saying just makes logical sense.

What are your thoughts on this? Is a PS5 Pro something you’d be interested in? Or is Sony better served focusing on getting maximum performance out of the current PS5 and continuing to streamline production so they can make sure they’re a common sight on store shelves?

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