Shiny Dedenne in Pokemon GO: How to Get

Shiny Dedenne In Pokemon GO: How To Get

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Dedenne, the Gen-Six Antenna Pokémon, was added to Pokemon GO some time ago. Finally, the Shiny version of the Pokemon is finally coming to the game as well. Here is how to get the adorable Electric-Fairy Type in the Shiny Dedenne Pokemon GO debut. 

Shiny Dedenne in Pokemon GO: How to Get

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The Shiny Dedenne Pokemon GO debut will be on Tuesday, 10 January at 8AM local time – as part of the Twinkling Fantasy event. Not only will you have the chance to encounter and catch a Shiny Dedenne for the first time, but a bunch of other particular Pokemon will be appearing more in the wild as well. 

Until Twinkling Fantasy ends on Monday, 16 January 2023 at 10PM local time, you’ll be able to encounter more of the following wild Pokemon:

  • Clefairy (chance for Shiny)
  • Clefable
  • Jigglypuff (chance for Shiny)
  • Dratini (chance for Shiny)
  • Togetic (chance for Shiny)
  • Marill (chance for Shiny)
  • Bagon (chance for Shiny)
  • Deino (chance for Shiny)
  • Dedenne (chance for Shiny)
  • Goomy 
  • Noibat (chance for Shiny)

If you don’t spot a Dedenne on your local Pokemon GO map right away, you may also encounter one as a reward for Twinking Twilight’s event-themed Field Research tasks. The other Pokemon you may encounter as a reward for these tasks are Clefairy, Dratini, Bagon, and Goomy.

Throughout this event and beyond, getting a Shiny Dedenne will come down to luck, but it’s a numbers game at the end of the day. Keep trying, and a Shiny version of the delightful Pocket Monster will soon be yours. 

That’s a wrap on all you need to know about the Shiny Dedenne Pokemon GO debut and how to catch it. For more of what’s new in Pokemon GO, check out how to catch Ditto since the January 2023 update. If you’re looking for more to play, why not take a look at the 10 best Pokemon games?

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