Square Enix was the surprise Steam Deck champion of the year

I’ve been petitioning Square Enix to put Final Fantasy Tactics on PC for years. It still hasn’t happened, but in 2022 Square did rediscover the tactical RPG, and delivered a bounty of riches to PC players that I sure didn’t see coming at the start of this year. For the first time in ages that I can remember, Square focused less on blockbusters and more on small RPGs. Its timing couldn’t have been better.

Almost every game Square Enix released in 2022 seemed born for the Steam Deck:

  • Often modest system requirements from new games: DioField Chronicle, Harvestella, Triangle Strategy
  • It’ll-run-on-a-toaster performance from remasters: Chrono Cross, Tactics Ogre, Crisis Core
  • Meaty tactics games perfect for pick-up-and-play on a device with a sleep button: Tactics Ogre, Triangle Strategy, DioField Chronicle
  • Life sims built for playing on a cozy couch while watching TV: Harvestella, Various Daylife

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