Stacey Solomon On Co-Sleeping And The Struggle Of Choosing Baby Names

As Stacey Solomon nears her due date, the TV personality has opened up about how she’s been preparing for the arrival of baby number five.

Solomon, 33, has two children with husband Joe Swash, 40: their youngest daughter Rose, who is 15 months, and son Rex, who is three. She also has two other sons from previous relationships: Leighton, who is 10, and Zachery, who is 14.

The Sort Your Life Out star has been sharing updates to her 5.5 million Instagram followers throughout January as she readies the family home for their new arrival – while also having a rigorous New Year sort out. This has meant repurposing Rose’s old cot, as well as sorting through her old baby clothes.

“It’s really strange because I’ve never had children so close together – my gaps have been pretty substantial,” she tells HuffPost UK. “Rex and Rose wasn’t massive but the rest are all five to seven-year gaps.

“So it’s bizarre. It feels like we’ve only just had a baby and we’re going to give birth to another one.”

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