Stadia Owners Will Receive Ubisoft PC Games At No Extra Cost

Google Stadia’s days are numbered.

The Google Stadia service didn’t thrive despite Google’s efforts to see it blossom. We’ve known for a good while now that the service was coming to a screeching halt. However, for some players that used the Google Stadia service to enjoy their games, it might have been a worry regarding what this means for their collection of titles. Fortunately, we can now say that those of you who purchased Ubisoft games will have a free PC copy of the title through Ubisoft Connect. Today, a blog post from the Ubisoft team confirmed that the company is taking care of its fan base.

If you didn’t already know, Google unveiled that the Stadia platform will be coming to a close on January 18, 2023. The cloud-gaming platform service might be ending, but your Ubisoft collection won’t follow suit. All the Ubisoft games you purchased will receive a free PC version of the game at no extra cost. Everything will be automatically added to your library via Ubisoft Connect. However, it’s worth noting that this is just the video games, as any in-game currency you have won’t transfer over.

This means that you will want to go ahead and spend that currency before January 18, 2023, when Stadia will officially shut down from general public access. For those of you looking to see which games and content will be transferred over to the PC platform, then check out the official FAQ from Ubisoft here. It’s also worth noting that your saves from games with cross-progression will be transferred over as well.

Additionally, Ubisoft will be hooking these players up with a free month of GeForce Now Priority Membership. This will allow players to continue using cloud-based services to enjoy their video games. If GeForce Now was not something you were keen on before, you’ll at least get to try things out now with the free subscription service. Meanwhile, there are other cloud-based streaming services available to enjoy a collection of video games.

While Google Stadia might not be sticking around, there are other options. One of the popular services that players can enjoy cloud gaming is through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This service will be granted access to Xbox’s library of games that feature cloud gaming. However, this will mean abiding by a rotating collection of games from Microsoft if they are not first-party titles.


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