Steam’s second most-wishlisted game is a huge mystery—here’s what we know about it

The second-most wishlisted game on Steam is right around the corner, and we still don’t know much about it. With one impressive trailer and a logo that looks like it fell out of a popular PlayStation series, The Day Before has managed to garner as much interest on Steam as Starfield and Hogwarts Legacy. Here’s what we do know: The Day Before is a survival MMO from the makers of asymmetrical horror game Propnight. It’s got zombies, cars, loot, and the constant threat of other players.

It’s been almost two years since The Day Before was shown in any substantial way, and now just a month ahead of release, Fntastic says it’ll soon be ready (opens in new tab) to share some “raw gameplay footage.” Ahead of that, let’s talk about what Fntastic has said about its intriguing MMO, and what we can glean from the gameplay we’ve seen so far. 

When is The Day Before coming out?

Fntastic announced last year that The Day Before will release on March 1, 2023 on Steam (opens in new tab). The new date came after a nearly one-year delay in 2022. Developer Fntastic said the extra time would be used to transition The Day Before to Unreal Engine 5. 

What kind of game is The Day Before?

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