Will there be war with China in 2025? US military officials make worrying prediction

Will there be war? How soon will it be? It depends on who you ask. But the tornado of claims and counterclaims surrounding Beijing’s belligerent territorial behaviour is gaining momentum and the US decision to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon on Sunday won’t slow it down. “I see hotheads in Beijing, and I see … Read more

F1 2023: Daniel Ricciardo’s name butchered by host at Red Bull season launch, car, Daniel Retardo

Red Bull’s Formula One season launch left a bit to be desired, as Daniel Ricciardo was called “Daniel Retardo” on live TV. Red Bull revealed its 2023 car and new livery at an event in New York and it left fans underwhelmed as its new car appeared almost identical to the one that saw Max … Read more

World braces as China reacts to US shooting down alleged ‘spy balloon’

Beijing is “strongly dissatisfied” with Washington’s decision to shoot down what the Pentagon believes was a Chinese spy balloon attempting to monitor sensitive US military sites. China’s foreign ministry, which claims the balloon accidentally entered US airspace, accused the US of “clearly overreacting and seriously violating international practice”. “China expresses strong dissatisfaction and protests against … Read more

China military bombards Taiwan as fears of a blockade rise

China’s hostility towards Taiwan continues to escalate, with increasingly powerful demonstrations of its military might. But is it getting ready to invade? Or blockade? Chairman Xi Jinping has begun the first year of his previously unconstitutional third term by declaring his desire to revive China’s reputation. But his military is busily doing the opposite. Taiwan … Read more

NBA 2023, trade deadline, news: Kyrie Irving to LA Lakers from Brooklyn Nets, updates, LeBron James, rumours

Even for a player of Irving’s obvious talent and ability, it is going to be hard to find a suitor before the trade deadline willing to make a move for him given the series of off-the-court dramas he has been involved in. A genuine title contender may not currently have or want to trade the … Read more

Ford announces F1 return with Red Bull Racing

Ford will return to Formula 1 in 2026, working with Red Bull Racing in the top tier of motorsport. The car maker says it will focus on hybrid elements of the turbocharged engines used by the likes of Max Verstappen, drawing on its experience building electric cars such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The blue … Read more

China ‘wants to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027’

Chinese president Xi Jinping has ordered his military to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027, according to the CIA. CIA director William Burns said Beijing still had its eyes set on taking Taiwan, despite watching Russia’s struggle to defeat Ukraine. China considers Taiwan to be its own territory and does not recognise the government … Read more

Roger Federer dethroned by Alisha Lehmann, Aston Villa footballer, on Instagram

Footballer Alisha Lehmann is now the most followed Swiss sports star on Instagram. The Aston Villa star has pipped tennis legend Roger Federer to top spot, with the 21-grand slam winner boasting 11.2 million followers. Lehmann, 24, may not have achieved as much in a sporting capacity but it appears she is more popular on … Read more

Avian flu: Fears killer virus could could spark human pandemic

The largest ever bird flu outbreak is spilling over into mammals, including mink, bears, otters and foxes, as fears grow that the deadly virus could evolve and spark a human pandemic. The virus, formally known as the avian flu, has killed 208 million birds around the world. There have so far been at least 200 … Read more

Gretta Vedler: Model, 23, killed after calling Vladimir Putin ‘psychopath’

A Russian model killed a month after posting that Vladimir Putin was a “psychopath” was strangled by her ex-boyfriend, state prosecutors allege. Dmitry Korovin, 24, will face murder, theft and fraud charges following the death of Gretta Vedler, 23. Korovin is said to have stashed Ms Vedler’s corpse in a suitcase and left the body … Read more