UK PM Sunak Risks Trade War With Brussels by Wipeout of 2,400 EU Laws, Reports Say UK PM Sunak Risks Trade War With Brussels by Abolition of 2,400 EU Laws, Reports Say UK PM Sunak Risks Trade War With Brussels by Abolition of 2,400 EU Laws, Reports Say In June 2016, 51.8% of UK citizens voted for terminating the country’s membership in the EU, against 48.1% of those who voted … Read more

Bid to boost regional sport in SA as volunteer and participation numbers drop

Tony Elletson believes South Australia’s Limestone Coast can be the best regional area in Australia for producing elite athletes.  Through the Limestone Coast Sporting Academy, he trains young people in the region to compete in their sports alongside the best in the state and country.  But he knows local grassroots sport is the starting ground for everyone, … Read more

Cameroon denies Canadian government announcement of peace talks

The Cameroonian government rejected the announcement by Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, which had been released by her office on Friday, apparently with the approval of all parties to the conflict.Andreea Alexandru/The Associated Press Three days after Canada announced it would be facilitating a long-sought peace process for the armed conflict in Cameroon, the … Read more

Haitian migrant’s death reignites debate over Roxham Road border crossing

Asylum seekers, poorly dressed for the weather, board a shuttle bus after being processed by the RCMP at the U.S-Canada border on Roxham Road, in Hemmingford, Que., on Jan. 14.Christinne Muschi/The Globe and Mail The death of a Haitian migrant near Quebec’s Roxham Road has reignited a debate in the province about how to respond … Read more

What Canadian travellers need to know if they’re stuck in a foreign country amid a crisis

People stand outside the Culiacan International Airport which was reopened after being closed because of the violence caused by the detention of Mexican drug gang leader Ovidio Guzman, the son of jailed kingpin El Chapo, in Culiacan, Mexico, Jan. 6, 2023.STRINGER/Reuters Canadian tourists stranded in Mexico’s Sinaloa state after violence erupted earlier this week were … Read more

National physicians regulator aims to fast-track certification of more foreign-trained doctors

The college is expanding a program called the Practice Eligibility Route, which can take years off the amount of time required for an internationally trained physician to be approved to work in their field.Mikaela MacKenzie /The Canadian Press The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons is making it easier for internationally trained specialists to work … Read more

Australia’s population to be smaller and older due to COVID-19 restrictions halting migration

Within a decade, Australia’s population is expected to be smaller and older than what was predicted before the COVID-19 pandemic. The Centre for Population’s 2022 Population Statement reveals the pandemic has had a substantial impact on the country’s population, which has mostly been caused by a limit to overseas migration from border closures. That statement reveals how … Read more

Immigration to Canada hits record high in 2022

Canada took in 431,645 new permanent residents last year, which topped a high in 2021 of 405,000.The Globe and Mail/iStockPhoto / Getty Images Canada took in a record number of immigrants last year, as the country races to bring in newcomers to help fill labour shortages in sectors such as health care and construction. There … Read more