Coles, Woolworths: Why your supermarket bill was more expensive this week

Australians are in shock after discovering their usual supermarket bills were significantly more expensive at the checkouts this week. Both Coles and Woolworths announced prices had been “dropped and locked” on hundreds of grocery staples including cereal, meat, bread and toiletries in October 2022. The supermarket giants said the programs had been introduced to give … Read more

Coles job security put in the spotlight at Senate inquiry into work and care

Supermarket giant Coles has revealed it has 2000 job vacancies and is struggling to fill shifts as Australia continues to experience a very tight labour market. Coles Group government and industry relations manager Vittoria Bon told a Senate committee the company was dealing with a “heightened” number of empty positions. Ms Bon fronted an upper … Read more

Woolworths launches Bricks Farm collectable

Woolworths has announced the return of a popular collectables scheme that hasn’t been offered publicly in two years. The supermarket has this week revealed shoppers will soon be able to once again collect its popular plastic collectable Bricks – this time in a farm theme. Instead of being made by 80 per cent recycled plastic … Read more

Milkrun fails to raise cash after collapse of grocery delivery start-ups Voly, Send, Delivr

As Australia suffered through seemingly endless Covid lockdowns, grocery delivery start-ups suddenly exploded. It’s no surprise these companies were such a hit, with Aussies avoiding physical stores like never before. But these days, it’s a very different story and those delivery darlings are fast becoming a dying breed. In March 2022, news broke that Quicko, … Read more

Alice Springs: Police brace for violence, robberies in crisis town

Alcohol restrictions may have been put in place to try to ease crime in Alice Springs but police have said they are fearful the exact opposite could occur and the town is on the cusp of an outbreak of violence and robberies. “There’s a significant concern that crime will actually rise… because of course people … Read more

Today host Sarah Abo’s dig at Albanese over Australia Day date change

The new co-host of The Today Show has warned the Prime Minister “can’t please everyone” as debate once again rages over the date Australia Day is held. Sarah Abo was hosting a segment on the popular Nine morning program on Wednesday with Education Minister Jason Clare and 4BC political contributor and former Queensland Liberal MP … Read more

How Big W shopper scored $800 PS5 for just $9

A Big W shopper is over the moon after he scored an $800 Play Station 5 for just $9 with a simple hack. The customer took to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page to reveal just how he knocked almost 90 per cent off the bill. He said he used Everyday Rewards – which can … Read more

Woolworths ‘Everyday Rewards Roundup’ reveals your favourite products

Woolworths Everyday Rewards members have received an unexpected email from the supermarket giant revealing their most bought product of the year. The Australian retailer has surprised 3 million shoppers with its 2022 Rewards roundup, a personalised tool which reveals a number of interesting details about your shopping habits – including what grocery item you buy … Read more