We’re nurses who started playing lotto days ago – we’ve ALREADY won

A GROUP of nurses have scooped £1.2 million just days after playing the lottery for the first time.

The 16 strong syndicate, from Ontario, Canada, will pocket £76,000 each after winning the jackpot prize.

Sonia Correia-Batista and 15 other nurses won an estimated £1.2 million


Sonia Correia-Batista and 15 other nurses won an estimated £1.2 millionCredit: OLG

The nurses, who have worked together for 10 years, began playing their lottery just under a month ago – and their latest entry proved to be a winner.

“One of the group members checked our ticket and saw the number two and a bunch of zeroes and said, ‘I think we won something,’” recalled group leader Sonia Correia-Batista.

“I said, ‘That’s not something, that’s $2 million!’”

The group of healthcare workers say they have various plans for their winning including buying new cars to completing home renovations.

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And Sonia said it’s just reward for their hard work over the past few years.

“We’ve all had to push through exhaustion and burnout, and this win has been an incredible joy for us all and a great reason to celebrate,” she added.

It turns out the group weren’t the only ones celebrating a joint win in the area – with successful syndicates all the range.

According to the Daily Hive, it took four years for another group of co-workers to pull off a famous lottery win.

While it was an even longer wait for 27 friends who scooped $611,000 after ten years of trying.   

Group leader Sylvie Bureau said she had checked their lottery ticket and was happy to learn that they had won what she thought was $1,000.

But when she checked again, she noticed the extra zeroes

“I quickly grabbed my phone and googled ‘How many zeroes are in one million,’” Bureau joked.

She added that calling everyone at 5 am to share the news was “one of my favourite phone calls ever.”

Their wins come after a just weeks after a group of British OAPS scooped a staggering £88,000 after playing the EuroMillions Lotto every week for seven years.

The group bought their first ticket in 2015 and made last-minute decision to buy a one-off Daily Millions ticket with their “spare change.”

And it’s was safe to say their gamble definitely paid off.

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Sylvie Bureau and her friends also scooped huge winnings after ten years of entering as a team


Sylvie Bureau and her friends also scooped huge winnings after ten years of entering as a teamCredit: OLG

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