‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: A Ranch Divided

As the Dutton family and ranchers got closer in Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7, Jamie seemingly cut ties with everyone for good.

The latest episode, “The Dream Is Not Me,” brought about big changes for characters, and also suggested a timeline for when we can expect the crossover with the upcoming spin-off show 6666.

Taylor Sheridan’s Paramount Network show introduced a host of new problems for his characters to deal with in Episode 7 of Season 5.

Here’s Newsweek’s recap of what happened in the latest episode of Yellowstone.

Why Rip is so loyal

The episode opened with a flashback we’ve seen a couple of times this season. A young Rip is talking to another ranch hand, Rowdy, and they’re attempting to stop wolves from attacking their calves. Rowdy is pining after a young Beth, disrespecting her. Rip’s temper gets the best of him and they fight. When Rowdy pulls a knife out, Rip beats him repeatedly with a rock.

Piper Perabo in Yellowstone Season 5
Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo, L) is now a permanent fixture in Season 5 of “Yellowstone.”
Paramount Network

When the dust settles, they agree they need to get help for Rowdy, and that Rip can tell John and the others that he fell off his horse so he doesn’t get in trouble. When they get back, they find Rowdy is dead. John protects him, but tells him he’s a member of the ranch for the rest of his life.

This moment perhaps explains Rip’s undying and unquestioning loyalty to the ranch and John Dutton III.

Jamie and Sarah are indulging in some pillow talk, where Jamie reveals he was raised to be a cowboy, but his father forced him to be a lawyer. Sarah reassures him, telling him that John is now scared of Jamie. As it turns out, Sarah manipulates Jamie into asking her to save Yellowstone Ranch in their own way.

The morning after

After the public branding event, everyone camped out on the Yellowstone grounds. Abbey (country singer Lainey Wilson) bunked with Ryan but he leaves her in the tent, not before giving each other a passionate kiss goodbye. “You better be worth this walk of shame. Half my church is camped out here,” she tells him.

Tate, Kayce and Monica Dutton
Tate, Kayce and Monica Dutton in Season 5 of “Yellowstone.”
Paramount Network

Kayce takes Tate out too, leaving Monica in the tent. She’s crying tears of joy watching their son become a man. With that, the men head out for the early shift, leaving behind their partners.

In the morning, Beth, Summer, Abbey and Monica banter over breakfast. When Monica asks why Beth doesn’t give her a hard time, it’s because she recently lost a child. Beth then opens up and explains to Monica that she also can’t have children and relates. Monica suggests Beth is mean because she keeps that kind of thing bottled up, but Beth says she was a “b****” before it happened anyway.

In town, Mo and Chief Rainwater arrive for a meeting with Senator Lynelle Perry. She tells them about two new pipelines to be installed through their reservation, and they’re not best pleased, especially as the president was recently there and said nothing.

Lynelle is giving them a warning so that they can get ahead of the issue and protest it, especially since Rainwater’s competitor Martin is becoming increasingly popular. He urges Lynelle to also get Governor Dutton’s support.

Splitting up the bunkhouse

While out riding, the ranch hands spot a number of stillborn bison, suggesting there’s a brucellosis outbreak in the animals on the range. This is an issue because if John’s cattle catch it, the state will kill the animals.

Back at the ranch, the branding event continues as guests watch on. Summer gets upset watching the treatment of the calves, but joins in with some of the treatment of the animals and injects some with medicine.

Yellowstone Season 5 stlls
The ranch hands are getting split up for the rest of the season in Season 5 of “Yellowstone.”
Paramount Network

The potential disease ravaging John’s herd is causing more problems than just the cows, as it will affect the land too. He attempts to find new land for half his herd, somewhere with a mild winter. Rip will have to go with but will take Jake, Teeter, Ryan and Walker. The trip is likely to take them a year and could take them back down to the Four Sixes Ranch, the site of the upcoming spin-off series 6666, and where former Yellowstone ranch hand Jimmy is now living.

Leasing the land will cost the ranch $1.4 million a month, so John needs to take out a loan. Beth and John discuss the financial hole they’re getting into, and Beth blames John for his failing financial model. Later Beth researches a different business model, looking at raising cattle to sell for beef. Beth encourages John to change tact for Yellowstone.

Back at the Capitol, Jamie arrives to meet Sarah with Ellis Steel from Market Equities. They’re there to discuss John’s decision to put the Yellowstone land in a conversation easement, and Jamie doesn’t seem happy about it. As a result of this, Market Equities will sue the state, and Sarah believes it will be an impeachable event. This makes Jamie’s eyes light up, and Sarah informs him M.E. will fund his campaign. This all comes after Jamie’s assistant warned him about being with Sarah.

Back at the ranch, Ryan is initially disappointed as he’ll now have to say goodbye to his new flame Abby. To make up for it, Rip gives him cash to take the bunkhouse for a night out because they won’t see a town for a long time. Before he leaves, Rip takes Beth and Carter to the fair for a fun night. John, Summer, Clara, Kayce, Monia, Carter and the ranch hands gatecrash the family event.

During a heart-to-heart, Summer thanks John for welcoming her into the community, and tells him she understands it now. She encourages him to invite tourists in to see his way of life, rather than shunning them. Despite how it will look to the outside, they decide to kiss in public with nothing but his hat for cover.

The final moments of the episode show Jamie drawing up his speech, calling for the impeachment of his father, Governor John.

The next episode of Yellowstone, the mid-season finale, airs on January 1, 2023.

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